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Historical Research

Cushing Design Co. is happy to offer historical research services for individual properties, streetscapes, and neighbourhoods. 


Historical Report Package


  • property ownership history;

  • age of the property;

  • information about the original owners, builders;

  • digital copies of any applicable historical maps (if available); and

  • a short, illustrated report.


Packages starting at: $350 excluding HST 

"We've always wanted to know more about the history of our house. We were drawn to the age and character of the property, but were never able to confirm much of its past. Elizabeth's research answered many of our questions. Now, knowing the story or its origin and ownership has given us a deeper appreciation of our family's home. It's something that we are able to share with our children, and also with the community at large. It's important - especially here in Dartmouth - to preserve and record our history, and heritage research into land and real estate is a key part of that. We're very thankful for Elizabeth's work". 

 - T. Chandler Haliburton